Cheryl Lee Vocalist/Composer Singapore

Cheryl Lee

Betsy Hsu Drummer/Composer   Taiwan

Betsy Hsu



ElectroO2 is an electronic band consisting of two girls formed in 2011. The idea for 02 comes from the fact that both girls feel music, much like oxygen is a necessity of life and thus they hope their music would be able to provide more sustenance to everyone’s life. The first half of Electro02 is Cheryl, a vocalist who has majored in film scoring and electronic production and design at Berklee College of Music. The other half of Eletro02 is Betsy, a drummer who has studied arranging at Berklee College of Music. Since they both are songwriters, lyricists and arrangers, their distinctively different personalities and influences have resulted in a diverse set of music written for the album.


誕生於2011年的輕電音組合「ElectroO2 伊雷兔」,成員為來自新加坡的主唱Cheryl Lee和台灣製作人許祐華。同樣是美國音樂名校Berklee College of Music畢業的兩名團員,既是創作人,也是演奏者,在東西方融合的學習背景之下碰撞出獨特的創意火花。

在2012年9月發行的同名專輯中,令人品嚐到當今電音樂種少見的清新滋味。曲目包括由極具潛力新加坡歌手Cheryl Lee詮釋的「If I didn't meet you」,乾淨嘹亮的嗓音結合著恰如其份的樂音,述說著尋找情感的苦澀;「Lost and Found」戲劇張力十足,梳理著失去與獲得之間的關係。這張台灣少見的自創電音作品,首首歌曲顯示出ElectroO2的無限潛力。